lördag 5 november 2011

OffTopic: The Haunted Ghostship

This is Offtopic.
Today was hunting for this ghostship, it was not an easy task, the way to the ship was hard terrain, i slipped on the mountain, on the way down, i damaged my lens and arm. Its almost like i wasnt supposed to go there...When i finally arrived at he boat, it was a ghost like atmosphere...

See more of my Ship photos here

The findings from the few last days

Here is the results of the last few days carspotting, most of the photos was taken today during a roadtrip. The white Scorpio and the sad 900 was the first sights of the day, and not so positive... Then i saw the beatyful Renault Sport spider, one of the few Renaults that i can say i really like!! but i dont like the softtop...The last of the photos is the one of the Vauxhall Manta, which is a bit strange, the first Vauxhall Manta i have seen in Sweden, we are use to The Opel version of the car.

Saab 900
Ford Scorpio
Renault Sport spider
Saab 96 V4
Vauxhall Manta