lördag 5 november 2011

The findings from the few last days

Here is the results of the last few days carspotting, most of the photos was taken today during a roadtrip. The white Scorpio and the sad 900 was the first sights of the day, and not so positive... Then i saw the beatyful Renault Sport spider, one of the few Renaults that i can say i really like!! but i dont like the softtop...The last of the photos is the one of the Vauxhall Manta, which is a bit strange, the first Vauxhall Manta i have seen in Sweden, we are use to The Opel version of the car.

Saab 900
Ford Scorpio
Renault Sport spider
Saab 96 V4
Vauxhall Manta

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  1. Yes the softtop of the spider renault is totally ugly and ridiculous .