lördag 14 januari 2012

My visit to Trollhättan and the "We are Saab" manifestation Sweden

We met at 9 in the morning for departure in the Karlstad Convoy to Trollhättan, the meet up place for the convoy was a local food store called "Willys" in Karlstad.
The first stop in Trollhättan was of course saab ANA, with discount on spare parts, and We are Saab stickers. The green Saab 95 was placed on ANA, it was elect to The most beautiful Saab 2005 on the Saab festival.
When we arrived at the factory, the parkinglot was loaded with Saabs everywhere, Maptun had an exhibit with several cars, and the Swedish Saab club was also on the scene.
You can see a few of the picture from the day below, if you want to see more you check my Flickr Set: We are Saab

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